Thor Raxlen

Founder and director at Lair, Thor Raxlen is a veteran with over 25 years at the helm. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in theatre, Thor turned to the emerging field of desktop digital filmmaking as another means of understanding the technical processes behind the art. Thor is an expert in live-action shooting. He strives to craft nuanced performances along with cinematic storytelling. He often combines live-action with digital effects and animation, and has a deep background in editing as well.

Thor has channeled his passion for theatrical creation into many business platforms, including the foundation of Chelsea Digital (at Chelsea Pictures) and Guerilla FX, a concept to completion production company handling projects for TV commercials, social media, experiential work, and broadcast. When it comes to the art, Thor has directed nearly every genre of live-action. In terms of technique, he has a mastery of VFX and animation from simple pencil cell frame animation to pixelation, mo-cap, liquid simulation, as well as CG modeling of cars. When it comes to the business, Raxlen and the talented group of artists and craftsman at Lair continuously strive to create more.

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