Greg Kiefer

Greg is a wake surfing, dog, and photography loving director, who is dedicated to the craft of getting authentic performances from ordinary people and actors alike. He thrives on creating a chill put-together onset vibe to achieve amazing results.

Director/DP Greg Kiefer devotes himself to the real stuff, the narratives of every day, and the true-life occurrences sometimes wilder and bolder than any fiction. Greg uncovers, magnifies, and honors the stories of real people with subtlety and an innate intuition. The father of 5 and his notably impressive 5 o’clock shadow is known for chasing a good story, wherever it takes him.

From his early years on stage, Greg learned that in telling the right tale one could hold an audience’s attention and capture their concentration if even for a moment. So, no matter the scale of the story, Kiefer does just that. From cinematic grandeur to visual intimacy, from shooting to directing, from New York to India, the insight is the same: “Everybody has got a point to them that’s interesting if you really listen”, and listen he does.

Greg’s thrill for working under pressure, love for problem-solving, and talent for being inventive within even the strictest parameters define his work across commercial, broadcast, and feature film platforms. Recent work includes the ongoing production of the show ‘Turning Point’, and the completion of a full-length feature ‘Thirst’. Previous clients include American Express, Pfizer, QVC, and the US Marine Corps.

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