Eternal Polk

We create every day. Memories, thoughts, and ideas; translated from the ether. That’s how I look at being a multi-hyphenate creative and my purpose is to serve the story. Whether in my life or in the work I create, I try to be of service, ‘be water’, and become what is necessary to deliver the vision that I have received to the audience. As an award-winning director, Eternal seeks to align the story, the vision, and the brand to create content that resonates with the audience and leaves an impression with his attention to detail, craftsmanship, and connection to the work.

A creative swiss-army knife of sorts, Eternal has served as editor, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer over his time as a filmmaker, and brings a distinct cinematic style that serves to highlight the message and subjects with a level of intimacy that brings you into the story. His work has garnered industry recognition with 2 Emmy nominations and 3 Tellys, Omma, Webby & Shorty Awards.

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